About Us

Kommit offers technical advisory services pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights, with a focus on patents.

Our team comprises of engineers, scientists and lawyers and our role is to deliver exceptional technical expertise on IP matters to law firms and legal teams. We enable our clients to focus on the legal complexities while we focus on the technical aspects.

With a technically qualified team, our core strength is working with patents. We offer a mixture of prosecution services, litigation support and advisory services. We work in close collaboration with legal teams to ensure that any technical queries relating to the patents are thoroughly addressed. This may be during the due diligence stage in advance of litigation or once litigation has commenced.

Further, we can analyse and prepare documentation to maximise the strengths of patents, while addressing their technical weaknesses and minimising the implications of said weaknesses.

In addition, we provide protection services to all areas of IP including patents, trademarks and copyright - including prosecution, strategy, evidence collection and expert evidence statements.

Our values


Team work

Client focus


Respect for time

We are honest in our work, professional opinions and business relationships.