We assist you from start to end of a patent lifetime. This includes helping you in penning down your invention to drafting and filing your patent application and responding to examination reports, objections and oppositions along with its maintenance through post-grant renewals.

Our team has technical expertise in the fields of electrical and electronic, mechanical, computer engineering, pharmaceutical and chemicals. Read in more detail here.

We will support you by:

  • Pre-filing Patentability Analysis:
    • Draft your patent specification and claims;
    • Help you understand what can and can’t be protected;
    • Create technical diagrams, schematics, CAD models and circuit diagrams to support your invention;
  • Patent filings;
  • Provisional Patent application;
  • Responding to objections, examination reports and oppositions;
  • International Patent Protection;
  • Conducting Infringement Analysis (through Prior Art searches, Invalidity analysis and due diligence reporting);
  • Renewals.