Patent Litigation Support

We provide technical expertise and advisory services to law firms and litigation financiers for patent litigation.

Often, legal teams may find it challenging to understand the technical concepts laid out in patent documentation. We work to provide clarity of such documentation to the counsels and our clients.

Patent suits are also typically filed many years after the original documentation is prepared and produced. Hence, it is important that people with technical understanding of the documentation review and critique it, in order for you to make better decisions.

We work closely with legal teams, appearing counsels and due diligence counsels in analysing technical documentation and to ensure any technical queries relating to the patents are addressed in advance. This ensures that any weaknesses are identified and their implications are minimised while maximising the strengths.

In a patent litigation project, we enable you to focus on the legal complexities of the litigation because it is our role to:

  • Explain the implications of technical weaknesses of your patent(s);
  • Identify, analyse and maximise the technical strengths of your patent(s);
  • Validate and discuss the technical aspects of your patent(s) with your legal team;
  • Check, analyse and ensure technical accuracy of your patent(s) and its supporting documents (claim charts, prior art searches);
  • Conduct up-to-date infringement mappings, claim charts, prior art searches, essentiality analysis and any other due diligence reports;
  • Evaluate the likelihood of infringement and invalidation of your patent(s);
  • Minimise the risk of patent invalidation;
  • Calculate damages based on the market presence of your patent(s) as well as the value of infringing products;
  • Provide expert opinions and testimony.